National Regulatory Control Council

"One in, one out"-rule

2019.01.03 - Concept of the "One in, one out"-rule as implemented in Germany more

Evaluation - State Secretaries' Decision

2019.01.03 - State Secretaries' Decision to evaluate material Federal legislation unless exemptions apply more

Expert Report Modern Registries: The Foundation of Digital Public Administrations

2018.01.18 - This is a management summary of our 2017 Expert Report which makes a strong case for modern registries as the foundation of digital public ... more

Publication 2017 Annual Report: Bureaucracy Reduction. Better Regulation. Digital Transformation. Leverage Successes – Address Shortcomings

2017.08.09 - Here you can find the 2017 Annual Report of the National Regulatory Control Council. more

Publication Info Brochure: The National Regulatory Control Council

2016.12.28 - This info brochure sets out what the National Regulatory Control Council (NKR) does, who its members are, and how the NKR fulfils its ... more

Publication 2016 Annual Report: 10 Years of NKR – Good Record on Cutting Red Tape and Limitation of Compliance Costs – Alarming Backlog of eGovernment

2016.10.10 - Read the 2016 Annual Report of the National Regulatory Control Council, which includes a stock-take of the results achieved over the past ... more

Expert Report "Implementation-oriented legislation: How can the EU, the Federal Government, the Federal States and municipalities determine the follow-up costs of legal requirements better?"

2016.01.28 - Read the expert report by the IfG.CC (the Potsdam eGovernment Competence Center). This report has been commissioned by the National ... more

Publication 2015 Annual Report: Opportunities for Cost Containment Improved. Seize Digital Opportunities now!

2015.12.22 - Here you can find the 2015 Annual Report of the National Regulatory Control Council. more

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