National Regulatory Control Council

Overall Concept

In April 2006 the Federal Government presented a consistent overall concept through its programme for "Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation". With this it set itself in particular the goal of measurably and verifiably reducing costs associated with existing information obligations. The intention was, furthermore, to avoid any new information obligations for citizens, businesses and public authorities – through complete transparency of such costs as early as the drafting of new laws. In September 2006 the NKR was appointed as an independent body to provide assistance, in the role of critical and constructive adviser and supporter, to the Federal Government in implementing the programme. more

NKR Members

The Federal President, acting on a proposal by the Federal Government, appoints the members of the NKR for five years. Re-appointment is permitted. The NKR works according to the rapporteur principle, each member having responsibility for one or more areas of legislation. To support the NKR operationally, a secretariat with 15 members has been established.  more

NKR Secretariat

To support the NKR operationally, a secretariat with 15 members based at the Federal Chancellery has been established. more